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5 Ways To Save On Your Next Beachfront Getaway At The Shores Resort & Spa

Forever Shores Rewards

5 Ways To Save On Your Next Beachfront Getaway At The Shores Resort & Spa

Become a Week-Dayer verses Week-Ender

Whether your next trip to our resort lands you here in the peak of summer or in the dead of winter you can still take advantage of some great savings. By booking your stay on days falling between Sunday and Thursday could save you as much as 50% or more on your beachfront getaway. Becoming a Week-Dayer (Someone who stays Sunday through Thursday) verses a Week-Ender (someone who stays Friday & Saturday). Weekdays traditionally have lower rates verses Fridays and Saturdays. Those days may not always be convenient but by moving your schedule around you cut as much as 50% off your stay or more depending on how far in advance you book.

Advance Purchase Savings

Having trouble planning ahead? Want to save big? Pick a date and stick with it. Think back on how the weather was last winter and how you wish you could have escaped to the beach! It may be summer now, but you can plan that future winter vacation now and save big! Stay weekdays and save even more verses weekends. The Shores Resort & Spa has an advance purchase rate that is available throughout the year. Once you book your future stay with us even having a bad day has a silver lining as you think about your upcoming beachfront getaway. Get planning…. just click a few buttons and your all set!

Advance purchase reservations are paid in full at the time of booking and is non-cancelable, non-refundable and non-transferable.

Bundle & Save

Bundle and Save? Isn’t that when they sell me the extra’s I don’t want, and they call it a deal? Not at The Shores Resort & Spa. There are so many packages to choose from there is bound to be one that fits you, you plus one or the entire family. Not all packages are created equal, so we came up with some that are going to help your pocketbook. We have packages that include concert tickets, baseball games, surf lessons, waterpark access and more. We also have special offers for those who qualify such as, teachers, AAA/CAA members, AARP members, active and retired men and women of law enforcement, firefighters and armed forces. Some of our packages include the little things that you were already going to use such as parking and breakfast or purchasing some healthy snacks when hunger strikes between meals. Planning a trip to the Spa? We have a package for that as well. With seasonal packages constantly changing you’ll have to check back and see our ever-changing seasonal packages throughout the year.

Stay & Play During Off-Peak Season

Florida is known for its sunshine. Travelers tend to flock to the beach during the summer months which makes it a peak season for our beautiful beachfront resort. However, there are plenty more days with beautiful sunshine throughout the year. Summer goes by quick and even though scientists will tell you there are around 92 days (on average) of summer you know that the kids are only out of school for about, well…. much less than 90 days. So, plan your beachfront getaway during off peak season and save big! From about the second week in August through December is a great time to travel if you don’t have school aged children. For those who tend to have to work around school schedules look at those holidays where the kids are out of school on a Monday making for a great time to getaway such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, Columbus Day in October or during Winter break. We are here to help, If you would like us to assist you in your travel needs we may be contacted at 866-934-7467

Book Direct- Forever Shores Rewards- Cash Back!

Booking direct has its rewards. No points here, CASH is king at The Shores Resort & Spa. No need to accumulate points that you can’t redeem when you want to travel. Here at The Shores Resort & Spa we have a program that puts the cash back in your wallet. It’s super easy with our Forever Shores Rewards Program! Just book your hotel stay from our website  look for the prompt that says, “earn cash rewards” or enroll directly into the program by clicking here . You will earn 5% cash back once you have completed your stay or you may choose to donate that 5% to your favorite charity. There is an option to earn 15% trip cash towards a free stay at over 500+ hotels as well.  Once you have completed your stay you will receive your rewards. Choose to get your 5% cash back via PayPal, Visa eGift card, Bitcoin or choose from a wide variety of gift card options at the places you love to shop, such as amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot or Lowe’s to name a few.

  1. Sign up with your personal and/or business email
  2. Book direct from our website or with us using an enrolled email address
  3. Complete your stay
  4. Choose your rewards
    1. 5% Cash Back
    2. 5% Charitable Donation
    3. 15% Trip Cash

Our Forever Shores Rewards program is in partnership with The GuestBook, The world’s larges rewards network for independent & boutique brand hotels.


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