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It’s Back to the Roots Once Again

Back to the Roots 2018

No matter how far you’ve gone, there’s always one place that will be irreplaceable within your heart. It’s the place where the journey started. A place that served as the springboard to go somewhere, and be someone. It somehow motivated you to get started and getting going, and is now calling you back. A place worth remembering: your place. And, as they say, the rest is history.

But hey, this isn’t about personal stories, it’s about one of the many annual events in Daytona Beach, Florida. This one is a shout out to all of the racing fans with fuel running through their veins. On February 11 – 13, 2018, Back to the Roots is now on its 5th year of celebrating the history and culture of auto racing. You’re cordially invited to this awesome gathering of like minded individuals, who help make up auto racing and what it is today.

This annual festival will take place at 316 Main Street Station, Daytona Florida. It’s a nostalgic area, with a lot of history surrounding the event. The location used to be a fully functioning garage owned by Bill France Sr., the founder of the stock car racing. Every year it’s transforms into a place for meeting new friends, hearing live entertainment, and hosting different charitable and community events during the year.

Back to the Roots honors the life of Bill and all the other personalities who imprinted a big name and made a great impact in the history of racing. The Legends of Racing and those who supported the sport will be gathered to share their stories, be recognized, as well as encourage everyone to continue to further the success of this great sport. Witness who among the living legends, crew, car owners, engineers and mechanics will be honored, and snag an autograph from them afterward.

The event will start with a bang as there will be a simultaneous block party and car show. Imagine the most beautiful and extravagant cars you can think of, and you’ll find them here. Many events and mini shows will be taking place at the same time, so make sure to check the official schedule for more information. A live auction with Don Reinhart from Storage Wars will also be taking place. See for yourself how the process works, and maybe even buy some items worth keeping.

Back to the Roots is not just an ordinary event, and isn’t affiliated with any particular organization. But it has a good purpose and that is helping two organizations to keep their operations going, namely Halifax Historical Museum and Shriners Children’s Hospital. These organizations will be the recipient of 100% of the funds raised from this annual event.

Before you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it would be a great idea to drop by at this epic event. You will not just enjoy the festivities, but also help support a great cause. Visit their website for tickets and more information about the event.

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