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Exploring The Daytona Beach Pier & Boardwalk

Daytona Beach Pier Boardwalk

Daytona Beach Pier and Boardwalk or “the pier” (as it is affectionately known) is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Daytona Beach. The pier begins at the East end of Main Street, south of the boardwalk, and stretches 1,000 feet into the Atlantic.

The History

The pier was originally built by Thomas Keating in the late 1800s and was known as the Keating pier back then, located at the end of Main Street and extended about 600 feet into the ocean at that time.

But in January 20, 1920, the Pavilion, and most of the pier, was destroyed by a tremendous fire. So Keating sold what remained of the pier to Jeter McMillan. He then started constructing a new pier casino and opened it on June 11, 1925. The pier now extends 1,000 feet out into the ocean.

The pier casino became a popular location for photos of famous racers who visited Daytona Beach. These photos began to spread around the globe, making Daytona Beach the “World’s Most Famous Beach.”

In 2009, the city took control of the operations and on June 5, 2012 the Daytona Beach Pier reopened its doors to the public, and has since then provided various rides and attractions, entertainment, shops, a classic arcade, and many more family fun activities day and night.

Things To Do At The Daytona Beach Pier

The Daytona Beach Pier and boardwalk has been an iconic spot for many activities over the years. From casino gaming to fishing, car racing to food, shopping and many more.

#1, Let’s Go Fishing

Daytona Beach Pier is one of the most famous fishing spots in the area. Fishing is allowed in the East end of the pier and is open 7 days a week. No fishing fee or licenses are required. You can find first-timers and experienced anglers hanging out at the east end of the pier.

Anglers are known to catch a wide variety of fish at the Daytona Beach pier, including trout, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, whiting, pompano, kingfish and sailfish. On other days, it’s also possible to find black drum, weakfish, sheepshead, flounder and more.

#2, Let’s Savor The Yummy Seafood

Joe’s Crab Shack serves a variety of seafood such as crab (of course), shrimp, salmon, redfish, lobster, mussels, calamari and clam strips as well. They also serve American cuisine such as sirloin, ribeye and herbed chicken. Pizza is also available for those pizza lovers.

#3, Let’s Explore the Surrounding Area of Daytona Beach Pier

Daytona Beach is the perfect starting point for many other beautiful spots in Daytona. Just a few steps away from the Breakers Oceanfront Park and Environmental Learning Center, you will find a 2.5 acre family-friendly beachfront area with children’s splash fountain that is open from 10:30am to 5pm. There’s also a volleyball court nearby, and a playground that is open from dawn to dusk.

You can also spend hours playing classic games such as skee-ball, air hockey and more at the Joyland Amusement Center and the Mardi Gras Fun Center. Experience a more thrilling time by trying the Sling Shot ride, which is one of the exciting launch amusement rides available today.

There’s so much to see and do at Daytona Beach Pier and Boardwalk. Click here to learn more.

A day in Daytona Beach Pier is a day to remember for you and your family.


Photo Credit:  Julie Fletcher for VISIT FLORIDA

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