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Let’s Go Fishing in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Shores Fishing

Are you passionate about fishing? The Daytona Beach area offers expert or novice anglers several unique options to enjoy the sport. Enthusiasts can opt to go offshore, coastal or inland fishing; either way it affords every angler the opportunity to cast their reel and catch fish.

Fishing in Daytona Beach stirs up excitement to every passionate angler of any age or even to those who are new to the sport.  Why? Fishing around Daytona is varied and accessible. Imagine going fishing from salt water one day, then freshwater the next and on brackish water on another day. How cool is that?

Inshore/Inland Fishing

If you want to experience inshore fishing, the Halifax River is the center of all the inshore and backcountry fishing in the Daytona Beach area. All inshore fishing charters in Daytona Beach originate either on the Halifax River or one of its tributaries such as the Tomoka River and Spruce Creek or at the mouth of the Halifax River at Ponce Inlet.

One of the favorite targets of fishing charters in the Halifax River is the snook. They are very tasty and you can easily catch them along Florida’s coastal estuaries and as far as mangrove lined shorelines. And as long as the winters are mild, there will be plenty of snook to catch.

Tarpon on the other hand is the grand prize for inshore or nearshore fishing in Florida. During the winter months, the big boys concentrate in South Florida but juvenile tarpon in about the 5 to 40 pound range are found in the waters around Daytona Beach all year round.

It is during autumn and spring that Tarpon are aplenty all around Daytona Beach, from Halifax River to Ponce Inlet to the nearshore waters. But if you want to target the “big catches”, September and October are the best months to fish. The center of Tarpon fishing is at the mouth of the Halifax River.

Offshore/Deep Sea Fishing

If you are into offshore or deep sea fishing, Daytona Beach is also the place to be. The Atlantic Ocean is brimming with sport fish throughout the year. You get to catch a diverse selection of trophy fish including Amberjack, Grouper, Snapper, Barracuda, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Cobia, Tarpon, Sailfish, and the list just keeps on going. Offshore fishing in Daytona Beach also means the opportunity to catch Daytona fishing staples such as tripletail, tuna and more.

There are 15 artificial reefs and wrecks to choose from just off the coast of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet and other coastal towns in Volusia County. And just about 25 miles offshore of Daytona Beach is the Oculina Coral Reef, the hotspot for offshore fishing and the only deep sea coral in mainland United States.

Pier Fishing

The Daytona Beach pier is one of the most popular fishing spot in the area, also known as the Ocean Pier, Keating Pier, Main Street Pier or the Pier Casino. However, this spot is more popularly known simply as “the pier” by the locals.

What makes pier fishing attractive to locals and to tourist is that there is no cost to fish and no licenses are required. Not to mention that novice or expert anglers can fish any day of the week. Take note though that there are some fees that apply when fishing off of Sunglow Pier. There are plenty of piers to choose from in Daytona Beach and the surrounding area. Typically, fish caught off the pier include Trout, Pompano, Whiting, Sheep’s Head, Flounder and different kinds of sharks.

So, are you ready to go fishing? Get your fishing gear, supplies and equipment ready and let’s go fishing!

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