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Planning a Getaway to the Shores Resort for Valentine’s Day 2018

Celebrate Valentine's Day at The Shores Resort

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is no need to let nippy weather stop you from enjoying this special day with your loved one or significant other. Why not enjoy a getaway to Daytona Beach and forget about all the stresses and worries of modern life? The Shores Resort & Spa is currently offering great packages for Valentine’s Day getaways and you surely will love not just the beach but the savings.

The Shores Resort & Spa offers a variety of cozy rooms (we even have rooms with balconies) overlooking the beach and you’ll have access to high-speed Wifi, docking stations and flat screen TVs, and the coziest atmosphere around. If it’s relaxation you want, the Shores can definitely provide – 24/7.

Battle the cold weather with our Winter Sale, where you can stay two nights (or even more if you want) and enjoy a hefty 20% off regular prices. Breakfast is on us every day and while others are cold across other states, you will be making soft castles and dipping into warm water on Valentine’s Day. Can you think of anything more romantic?

If you want even bigger savings then all you have to do is to stay at least three nights at the Shores and we’ll give you a massive 25% off your stay. That’s 5% more savings than our previous offer and all that is separating you (and your significant other) from this great deal is spending a day more in paradise with our Stay More/Play More Package. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to end in just one day (literally). You can enjoy someone’s company in a warm environment and really get to know each other more, right?

If you really can’t stay with us for more than evening, we understand. But we still want you to get the best possible value for your money, so we’re extending the Classic Bed & Breakfast Deal all the same. With Classic Bed & Breakfast, you get free breakfast for two, one night’s stay and you get to enjoy the beach, great weather and fine sand while escaping the cold weather.

To make your Valentine’s Day getaway even more special, we’ve prepared some ideas if you’re the one doing the organizing:

– Book your room early to avoid hassles.
– Check the date of availability of your significant other; that wouldn’t be a good Valentine’s Day problem.
– Check out Azure’s (our restaurant) menu and figure out what your significant other would love to eat.
– Got your swimwear ready? Check and double check if you have a nice pair of shorts (or other swimwear).
– Of course, Valentine’ Day wouldn’t be complete without a gift. Since you have more than a month (as of this writing anyway) to plan ahead, pick a really memorable gift for your significant other that’s themed after Valentine’s Day. Make it special, make it memorable!

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