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Start Planning Your Daytona Beach Shores Dream Wedding Today

Daytona Beach Shores Weddings

Nearly everyone dreams of a nice wedding. So here’s a grand plan: take one of the most beautiful and awarded beaches in the world and combine that with the wedding of your dreams – complete with the perfect venue, staff, and an unbelievable, calm and serene ambiance that is hard to find anywhere else. What do you have? A Dream Wedding at The Shores.

Weddings at The Shores Resort & Spa

Weddings at The Shores Resort & Spa are calm and idyllic, the stuff of beautiful Hollywood romance movies, and it’s really here, waiting for you to take a look. Our legendary ocean-side terrace is gives you the wide open vista of the ocean, and you can expect fragrant ocean breezes, endless sunshine the beach literally a step away. Dreamy doesn’t begin to describe a beach wedding. It literally is that amazing.

But that’s not all. Reception will be in The Shores Resort & Spa Grand Ballroom, which is a 6,800 square feet of appointed space, which can easily be subdivided into different rooms depending on the client’s needs. 3,700 square foot subdivisions can be arranged upon notice. This space features beautiful classic architecture and ornamentation, which is decidedly a magical shift from the idyllic environment of the ocean terrace.

Before and after the wedding: both are critical. Never fret. We have “cloud-level” rooftop rooms offering breathtaking views of the ocean, poolside and all the beautiful amenities of The Shores Resort & Spa. The resort is an AAA four diamond property, and is within reach for the most important event of your life thus far. Daytona Beach would never be the same again once you’ve wed at The Shores.

How about the food? All food is prepared in-house by award winning chefs from Daytona Beach, and the menus are never boring, nor template menus that are just replicated from event to event. You will decide on the beautiful menu for your wedding, including which hors d’oeuvres to include, as well as the dinner buffet if that is suitable, entrees and salads. Each dish that goes into the menu will be expertly crafted by our chefs, with the aim of providing exquisite satisfaction in every bite.

And that’s not all. If you have a bridal shower, bachelorette party or any other pre-wedding event in mind, hold them all at The Shores Resort and we’ll take care of the accommodations, the appointed space, and the menu that comes with the event. Every detail that you could possibly want and need before and after your wedding day can be taken care of in-house.

We are the stress relief wedding partner you’ve been looking for. And all the while, the action is done with the backdrop of the serene Daytona Beach. That’s literally unbeatable. So what you really have to think about now is: when’s the wedding date and what kind of food do you want served after the wedding? We’ve got options waiting for you, so just relax – this would be your mantra from day one of wedding planning to post-wedding.

Contact The Shores Resort & Spa today for a request for proposal and tell us what you need for your dream wedding.

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